Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Independence Day Weekend Getaway

This past Independence Day weekend, we got away for a few days to spend some time together with my family down in West Virginia.  My oldest sister, Diana, has a friend who lets her family borrow his farmhouse just about anytime they want.  The house is on some truly beautiful land in Parsons, WV, which is in the northeastern part of the state, toward the top of Monongahela National Forest.  Just a short distance away from the house is a river, which offers both shallow and deeper sections, and Diana's family was even able to find a little beach just for us.  The water's crystal-clear and the beautifully scenic views just can't be beat.  We also visited some nearby small towns - Davis and Thomas - did a lot of exploring, and got in a lot of cherished time with my family.  Calvin had such a blast the entire trip, and I know all of our souls were thoroughly nourished.

This weekend, we loved...

...Gorgeous old farmhouses with so much character

...Exploring in classic overalls and Chucks

 ...Eating fresh raspberries right off the vine

...Playing with Auntie Cris 


...Celebrating America, and taking in the sights


...Auntie Diana and cowboy hats

...Breathtaking mountain valley views

...Discovering small towns, and ice cream cones

...Making a new friend of the flower shop cat

...Heaven in the details

...Soaring windmills against puffy white clouds and the bluest skies

...Splashing and playing, wet dogs, good music and laughter at the river

...Running up and down hills

...And, sparklers and a bonfire to wrap up the holiday weekend!