Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yay For Play Dates!

In the past month or so, Calvin has had his first (of what I hope are many) play dates.  Last month, my longtime friend Anabelle and her delightful son Alex came over to play, and just yesterday Kate, a co-worker of Brian's, and her sweet daughter Cora came by for a visit.  
Alex and Calvin
Cora and Calvin
It's so fun to watch Cal enjoy another baby's presence.  Sure, he goes to daycare, where he hangs with several other babies all day, but watching him interact one-on-one with a little friend is awesome.  I can practically see the little gears in his head turning as he touches the other babies' hands, watches them move and play with toys, and looks at their faces.

And, of course play dates are a lot of fun for the mamas too.  Whether we stay at home or work outside of the home, getting together with other moms and chatting about our babies is a fun way to bond and build our friendships.  We exchange tips and advice, ask each other questions, and laugh at all of the silly, hilarious things our babies do.

As Calvin continues to grow, I can't wait to have more play dates - it's so exciting to picture him interacting more with his little friends.  It'll be so beneficial for his development as a baby, and just as great for mine as a mommy.

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