Friday, December 6, 2013

525,600 Minutes of Our Little Turkey

Calvin is 12 months old!  Our honey bee hit the Big O-N-E on Thanksgiving Day. So very appropriate.  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time; my mom and sister came over and it was lovely.  Cal had a great day, getting loved on by his nonna and aunt, eating lots of delicious food, including birthday cheesecake (made by me, it turned out so well, yum!), and spending the whole day with us. We concluded the evening with a cuddly bedtime reading of the new book we gave him for his birthday.

This little turkey is 1!
nomming his Thanksgiving meal
making a mess!
so tasty!
It's just so hard to believe a year has already passed since this beautiful little boy came to us.  I remember his birth so clearly, and think of it often.  What an adventure this year has been!  I have been basically in a perpetual state of amazement as I've watched him grow and develop into the vivacious, hilarious, brilliant, wonderful little boy he is today.

What a difference a year makes!
These days, Cal is thisclose to walking - he walks back and forth holding onto his fire truck riding toy, and he's often "caught" standing without holding onto anything.  He even dances without toppling over!

Calvin just had his 12-month doctor's appointment today.  It went great (other than some tears during the shots, which I quickly remedied with a nursing session), and we found out just how big this little butterball is.  At 23 lbs, he's 75th percentile for weight, and at 32" tall, he's 97th percentile for height, WOW! Doc said he's growing perfectly.  We must be doing something right!  :)

photo by Simon of Gotta See Ya Photography
Calvin loves music, and yes, dancing.  He loves playing with his myriad of toys, and what I'm impressed by is that he plays with ALL the toys that are out - he really doesn't gravitate to just one or two.  Hopefully this means he'll be a very well-rounded individual.  :)  Cal very much enjoys chasing the cats, and he cracks up when we "chase" him.  He's recently been flashing a stinker face, which is hilarious every time.  He loves eating - seriously, the kid eats just about everything - and he is still going strong with nursing, which we both love.  And he LOVES his mama and daddy.

photo by Andrea of Sidney Layne Photography

photo by Simon of Gotta See Ya Photography
And we love him, oh, how we love him.  Though sometimes parenthood is... challenging... I desperately, wholeheartedly, overwhelmingly LOVE my little boy, and cherish all the wonderful ways he has changed my life and exponentially enriched my soul.  Love you love you love you, Calvin, always always.

❤ this is how I measured my year ❤ 

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