Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Day In The Life Of My 7-Month-Old

2:30am - Hmm... I could eat.  Why wait? Better tell mama.

2:45am - *snore*

4:30am - *yawn*  It's still dark.  Wonder why I woke up?  Oh, it's that dream.  I was in my jumper and suddenly I jumped so high I could touch the top of the tree in my front yard.  Daddy was so amazed!  Anyway, I'm bored.  Let's eat!

5:30am - Why am I on my back??  Nooo!  I want to be on my side!  Aaaah!  Aaaah! Aaa- oh, thanks, mama.  That's better... I feel.. good... n... *snore*

6:30am - Mama, it's light out now, and guess what?  I could eat again.

7:00am - Oh, good morning mama and daddy!  Love you, have a good day at work, daddy!  I'm going back to sleep now.

7:30am - Mama, nooo, I'm still sleeping!  Don't change me!  Aaaah!  *whine*  Oh, ok, fine.  Go ahead.  Ooh, I like that song you're singing!  Haha!  That's great!

7:35am - Ok, ok, I'll smile for my requisite morning picture to send to daddy.  :)

7:40am - In my car seat I go.  Hello, blue block.  Mama, I like this song!

7:45am - Time for school!  Bye, mama!  I love you!  Hey, Cole, what's up, man?  Seriously, how do you do that crawling stuff?  I can only go backward.  You've GOT to teach me that.

8:00am - Ah, the classic stacking toy.  Vintage entertainment at its best.

8:30am - Miss Heather made me cereal to eat, yum!  *nom nom nom*  Ack, what a mess.  Hey, how about I wash that down with some milk?

9:00am - Ooh, what a cute baby I see in the mirror!  He looks so happy!  And he waves his arms just like I do!

9:30am - *grunt*  Oof, what did I eat?  Oh, right, avocados.  That's a doozy.  Miss Heather says I'm stinky!  Mama says that all the time.

10:00am - Bottle time, yesss!  *slurp*

10:30am - *snore*

12:00pm - Yay, time to eat again!  Bananas!  YUM!!  *kicky feet*

1:00pm - Miss Lindsay, where'd you come from?  Yes, hi, I see you there!  

1:30pm - YAAHHH A BOOK!  She's reading me a book!!  I love it!!!  Teddy the Elephant is such a scamp.  Will he ever win??

2:00pm - OMG I have a bottle in my mouth, I'm lounging on a pillow, and no one else is screaming at the moment.  Doesn't get much better than this.

2:30pm - *snore*

3:00pm - Hmm, what to do, what to do... Oh, I know!  Eat!  Miss Lindsay, I'm hungry.  
Miss Lindsay, a little service, here??  

4:30pm - Bouncy bouncy bouncy yayayayayay!

5:00pm - Whoa, hi daddy!  What's up??  Is it time to go home already??  Yeeeee!!  :D

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