Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zoo Day!

On Saturday, June 22, we took Calvin for his first visit to the zoo!  It was a lovely, hot day, sunny and clear, and Cal wore a perfect little mini-Jack Hanna ensemble.

As always, the zoo was beautiful.  

We first headed over to good ol' North America to see the sights.

We spotted some animals, too - imagine that.  :P

We then headed over to check out the polar bears (or bear, as it were).

Afterward, we stopped by the petting zoo.  Cal got a kick out of the goats and horses.

Then, we moved on to what had to be Calvin's favorite place - the aquarium.  He was immediately enthralled by all the fish swimming by, and got very kicky.  :)  He seemed to know it was water they swam in, because he repeatedly tried to splash with his hand, just like while in the pool.  He was enraptured for a good 15 minutes or more.

We wound down the trip shortly after, particularly due to the fact that it was about 200 degrees out, but not before getting a few more pictures.

We have a family pass, though, so we'll be back often to explore.  We're so fortunate to have one of the best zoos in the country just a few miles from home!

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