Monday, June 3, 2013

My Baby Is 6 Months Old, And Other Hard-to-Believe Things

So.  Calvin reached his 6-month milestone on May 28.  Holy moly.  Obviously, yes, the time has flown by.  It seems like we were just bringing this tiny, brand-new person home from the hospital and welcoming him into our home.  At the same time, it feels like he's always been with us, that we can hardly remember life before him.  We certainly can't imagine a life without him.
Happy boy!
His 6-month doctor's check-up was on the 31st.  Cal is 26" long (25th percentile), and weighed in at his highest percentile to date - 17lbs, 9oz (50th percentile).  I was so surprised!  Also, he got another round of shots, and didn't even cry!  What a champ.
Taken shortly after his shots.  Seriously.
Developmentally, he's continuing to impress.  He's stretching and reaching all around himself for toys, he loves to give hugs and kisses, he laughs up a storm at our cats, at daddy, at silly noises, at seeing people dance.  He loves to be sung and read to, he loves studying expressions.  He fully supports his weight while standing, just needs some help with balancing.  Oh, and he is very ticklish.  :)
Tickles and giggles!
Over the weekend he rode sitting in the grocery cart basket for the first time. He loved it!  He's all about seeing all the people and things around him, so it was a great vantage  point.  And it gave him ample opportunity to flirt with the ladies.  :)

He's "talking" so well, too - just this past weekend he suddenly took it up a 
notch - rather than just vague vowel sounds, he's now repeating consonant/vowel clusters such as, "babababa", "dadadada", etc.  (We're working on "mamamama." ;)  He makes the cutest faces when he babbles - his brow furrows a little, and he definitely looks very opinionated.  It cracks me up.
Mid-sentence. I told you. Very opinionated.
tgvfbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbjnuhn cv  <--- Calvin typed that.  :D

I can't believe how fascinated I am with this little guy.  I'm so delighted to see him growing and developing, even as fast as it's all happening.  This amazing little person just keeps adding awesome new things to his baby repertoire, and I am so very thankful I'm along for this wonderful ride.

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