Sunday, June 16, 2013

Calvin's First Indians Game!

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, we took Calvin to his first Indians game!  Oh, we were so excited.  We'd looked forward to this since the moment we knew he was on the way!

We drove up and stopped for a lovely visit with his great-grandma I and great-aunt Linda.  We're so blessed that she's been able to visit with him several times now.

Then, we patronized the West Side Market for various fruits, veggies, meats and desserts.  What a cool place!

After that, we headed over to see the ball game at Progressive (Jacobs) Field.  Calvin was immediately fascinated with everything there was to see.

Once inside the gate, we stopped by Guest Services to pick up a certificate for Calvin for it being his first Indians game.  Too cool!  It's a thoughtful gesture by the Indians organization, and we love that we have this special little memento to keep.

We went to our (incredible, thanks to Brian for being such a VIP at work and nabbing awesome tickets!) seats and snapped some more pictures.  We had to properly commemorate this big day!

Calvin was pretty great throughout the game, especially considering it had already been a long day, with the 2-hour drive, visiting great-grandma I and great-aunt Linda, shopping at the farmer's market, on top of the fact that he's right in the throes of cutting his first tooth (teeth?)!

Before the game got started, we went over to the Indians Hall of Fame plaza to find our personalized brick Calvin's grandma Kathy got us a few years back. It was a poignant moment.

Then, we settled into our seats and the game got underway.  It was so fun!  Calvin was a big hit with everyone who saw him.

There was only one moment that Cal lost his cool.  He was dozing, and the crowd suddenly erupted in deafening cheers for an exciting play.  The poor boy was so startled that he started screaming.  I hurriedly rushed him up out of the seating area to the concourse for some fresh air, to get him calmed down.  It was over as quickly as it began, though; the crisis was over in no time.  :D Cal laid low the rest of the game, cuddling alternately with mama and daddy, with the occasional cheering/ dancing session.

We had an awesome time, and even though the Tribe lost, it was still a memorable and wonderful experience to take our son to his first baseball game.  I took a moment during the game, as I cuddled my sweet boy close, to really soak it all in and feel amazing gratitude for my life with him.  Such lucky ducks we are!  

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