Monday, June 10, 2013

Love Is In The Air

This past Saturday, at only 6 months old, Calvin went to his very first wedding.  
I wasn't worried about how he'd handle it, but I was... curious.  It was to be a long day - the ceremony was at 1:00, with the reception not starting until 5:00.

Not surprisingly, Cal breezed through the entire day like a champ.  Brian did have to take him to the church's "crying room" during the ceremony because he was getting a little too restless (am I talking about Calvin or Brian here?); otherwise, he was an absolute angel, even amid unfamiliar surroundings, tons of people and lots of general happy commotion.

As soon as we got settled in the church for the ceremony, Calvin was taken with all of the beautiful stained glass and various lights.  And it didn't take him long to catch the eye of some pretty ladies in the pew behind us - he's such a little flirt.

The highlight for me was that, during one of the songs, Calvin was singing along!  People around us heard and were quite entertained by his lyrical stylings.  It was quite adorable.  :)

Between the ceremony and reception, we all grabbed a bite to eat (bite in the figurative sense for Calvin, thankfully) and then passed the time and browsed the wares at a nearby antique mall.  Then, we were wowed when we headed over to the beautiful reception site.

Calvin was a huge hit.  Everyone loved meeting/ seeing him, and we were more than happy to share him with the family.  It certainly didn't hurt that he was looking so dapper in his fancy duds, and that he was in such a happy, laughing mood.

He had little tastes of the pasta's alfredo sauce, a little bit of cake icing, and he got to try a lemon for the first time, and surprisingly, seemed to enjoy it.  (Of course he did.)

Many babies would be overwhelmed after a long day by a large wedding reception, with all the people, music, lights and all, but Calvin took it all in stride just like always, and it really seemed like he had a lot of fun!

We're so lucky to have such an awesomely go-with-the-flow baby!  Oh, and congratulations to Daniela and Ben!

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