Friday, June 7, 2013

Swimming, Swimming, In The Swimming Pool

On Wednesday evening, we had our first parent-baby swim class!  It was awesome.  Calvin had so much fun!  It was his first time in a (non-baby) pool, and he LOVED it.  Even before he was born, I really had a feeling he'd be a water baby, and so far that's proving to be true.  When he was still inside, he'd kick like crazy anytime I was near running water, and he has continued to do so.
Look how excited he is!
So, it's not surprising that, as soon as we got in the water, he started kicking his little feet like a pro!  He also really got a kick out of splashing in the water with his hands.  He didn't even mind when the water would splash him in his face!  And he loved seeing all the other babies playing and having fun.
Here we go!
For the first several minutes of the class, we parents got our babies acclimated to the water.  Cal had no qualms about diving right in, so to speak, so I quickly started trying him out in different positions.  Upright, tilted forward, 'floating' on his back, he was good with it all.  Then, we sang a couple of interactive songs, and helped our babies kick and splash in time to the music.  There were plenty of floating toys to be had, though Calvin was totally content enjoying the water, soaking in all the activity around him.
Kicky feet!
He smiled and laughed for Daddy (on the sidelines taking pictures), and babbled at the teacher, who seemed duly impressed by his innate skill (considering he was the youngest baby in the class by several months at least).  I didn't take him underwater, though he did dunk his face a couple of times, and while it seemed to take him by surprise, he was a-ok with it.
It was a wonderfully delightful time, and I was so happy to share in his first real pool experience - the first of many, many to come.
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