Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anniversary 9.0

On July 24, 2013 we celebrated 9 years of marriage.  9 years, wow.  We've been together over 14 years.  Bigger wow.  We were in Pensacola on the actual day; we spent the day with Calvin, then he got in some grandpa time with Brian's dad in the evening while we went to a special dinner.  All in all it was lovely.

A tradition we have for our anniversary is to go back to the park where our ceremony was held, the Park of Roses, then have dinner at the restaurant where we had our reception, La Scala Italian Bistro.

Both of our weekends after getting back from vacation were busy, but finally, yesterday, we made it happen.  What a beautiful day!  Sunny blue skies, white puffy clouds, quite warm but not uncomfortably hot.  And I couldn't believe how beautiful the park was!  It was quite obvious all the rain we've been getting this summer has made the roses flourish, because they were bigger and more vibrant that perhaps I've ever seen them.  

Since it was a Saturday, we saw a few wedded (or soon-to-be) couples and smiled at the happy memories of our own wonderful day there.

Brian's goofy smile was courtesy of some nearby bees he was nervous about

A lot of what we talked about during our stroll is how unbelievable and awesome it is that our beautiful son was finally there with us.  It was a moment we'd long awaited, and we were so happy to share it with him.

Then and now

Afterward, we had a delicious dinner at La Scala.  Again, we'd talked about how much we looked forward to the day, and finally he was there to share it with us.


I'm so grateful to have Calvin here to share these special moments with us. As with everything, he makes it infinitely more meaningful.

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