Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving Forward

Calvin has been "crawling" for a long time now.  Only thing is, until yesterday he could only move backward.  When Brian appeared at his classroom door to pick him up yesterday afternoon, Calvin crawled right over to him!  

little scamp
Well, apparently he crawled halfway, then flopped down on his belly and army-crawled the rest of the way.  To his credit, the room is quite spacious, so there was quite a bit of ground for the little guy to cover. 

fueling up to go, go, go!
But the fact is, he did it!  He actually moved his beautiful baby body FORWARD, not backward or in circles, which feels like a huge step (or crawl, as the case may be).
this little stinker is plotting his next move
I tried to encourage him to replicate it once I got home, and only got the army-crawl, but it was still awesome to see.  Though I'm a little bummed I didn't get to see his very first crawl, I'm thrilled that Brian did, and I'm so proud of my little boy for accomplishing this impressive first!  :)

gotta savor these moments before he gets too busy for me!  :)

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