Saturday, September 28, 2013

10-Month-Old Little Speedster

Hello, neglected blog.  Sorry long time no post.  Life has just been SO busy lately.  Work is just bananas these days, and unfortunately evenings and weekends just zip by.  But I do my best to cherish and enjoy the time I get with Calvin.  

Anyway, Cal is 10 months old today!  Double digits... it's crazy.  He's gotten so big recently.  He absolutely loves kisses, cuddles and playing with his toys.  Cal loves music and dancing, playing ride the horsey (bouncing him on my knee in time to a little tune), animals, especially our cats, and laughing at daddy's silly antics.  He's still completely enthralled with water, and he loves "walking" while holding onto our hands.  

thoroughly enjoying a "ride the horsey" rendition

We transferred him to a new daycare facility this past week, and things are going incredibly well there.  It's a new place just a few minutes from our house, and they have a wonderful educational enrichment curriculum that really spoke to us in terms of what we want for Cal while we're away at work.  He transitioned beautifully, and though the people at his old place took good care of him, we knew it was time for Calvin to be in a more structured environment, with more "intentional" learning.  His new place also has wonderful enrichment opportunities as well, like cooking, gardening, music and art programs, dancing and yoga.  They make all their food on-site (which Calvin is given appropriately scaled portions of) and his teachers send me pictures via text of him throughout the day, just to keep me informed of how he's doing.  Amazing!  

near the ball pit at school, minus 1 shoe

outside getting some fresh air at school

Oh, and earlier today we had a photo shoot with the delightful Joanne of Canonico Photography - she actually had a contest to win a free session, and I came up as the lucky winner!  We shot at the beautiful Goodale Park, and it couldn't have been a nicer day.  Calvin was an angel throughout the session, and I can't wait to see the photos!

Moving on, Calvin has really come into his own with crawling lately.  He's not army-crawling anymore; he's always up on his hands and knees.  And boy can he move!  It is SO cute watching him just motor along.  I can definitely tell he revels in his rather newfound locomotive freedom.  He especially loves chasing the cats.  They aren't so crazy about it, haha.  And I'm not crazy about how he makes a beeline for the cat food bowl, so he can grab some and fling it everywhere.  But I am more than happy to chase after him as he explores his world.  It's just fascinating to watch him grow and develop right before my eyes!  LOVE this kid.  :)

our little speedster
Til next time...

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