Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bathing Beauty

In his delightful little life, Calvin has had a varied relationship with bathtime. He has ALWAYS loved water, even while he was still in the womb - while I was pregnant, anytime I stood at a sink or took a shower, he flipped his tiny little lid every time.  That continued once he was born, and to this day, he'll get all excited about water - kicking his legs and waving his arms.

But Calvin did not immediately take to baths.  His first few as a newborn were very screamy affairs.  Even still, it didn't take him long to get settled in and really seem to enjoy them.  Then, we went on vacation, and I found it so convenient to just take him into the shower with me to get all squeaky clean. He was a BIG fan of that, so much so that he adamantly refused baths once we got back home.  So, he showered with me a few days a week for months. We enjoyed it, but I did sort of miss the fun of giving him baths, seeing him happily splashing in the water, and he would get quite slippery as I tried to hold him standing up in the shower.  

Then, just in the past week or two, Brian was taking care of Calvin solo while I was off at book club, and Cal was getting pretty restless.  Brian went through his entire repertoire to try to calm him, but nothing was really very effective.  So, he decided on a whim to plunk the little punk in the bath tub, and lo and behold, he loved it!  Hooray, go Daddy!!  Suddenly Cal is a big fan of baths again!  And it's not a fluke - he's had a few more since, and still loves them. To 'celebrate', and encourage this trend to continue, we just picked up some foam letters and numbers for him to play with while in the bath.  Definitely calling this a (little) win.  :)

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