Sunday, March 16, 2014


So yesterday found us out and about, as we are wont to do on a Saturday. Our second stop was the mall - I wanted to look for shoes to wear with my dress for Theater night tomorrow (we're seeing Phantom of the Opera at the Ohio Theater!!), and Brian needed to procure a dress shirt.  We were both successful (yay!) and so we headed to the mall's indoor play area to let Calvin run around for a bit.  He loves it.  From a couple of weeks ago:

And for a while, today's play session was no different.  But, there are some very rambunctious, and considerably bigger kids running around, so I suppose what happened next was inevitable - a girl (accidentally) ran into him and knocked him down.  He took an elbow to the face, with enough force that it split his upper lip.  Poor baby!!  

There was blood, and initially I was pretty freaked out (though of course I was as calm and soothing as I could be for him), but he really only cried for a few minutes, and then he was fine.  

He's a tough little guy, and though as his mama, I wish I could protect him from everything, I know it's just part of being a kid, and I know there will be more to come.  I just really hope there's nothing from which he doesn't bounce right back!

*          *          *

I'll leave you with Cal's newest photo in the "Let's-get-these-pictures-while-he's-still-young-enough-not-to-protest" series:

We love our little leprechaun!

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