Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching Up, Part 2: Milestones and Stats

Continuing our catch-up, here are some updates about Calvin from the last (almost) 3 months.

Cal's been very strong from the start, despite his small size - around 1 month old he had gotten quite good at holding up his head; since, he's been working on his head control, which is really quite fine tuned these days.  And he's a tummy time pro (provided he's in the mood for it), holding up his head and upper body for quite good stretches of time - just last night it was about 10 minutes!
Calvin @ 1 month
Holidays: Calvin's first Christmas (2012) was lovely, spent with family, despite missing very much those who should still be here.  Calvin's first smile (caught on "film") happened on Christmas morning - he was just a few days shy of 1 month old.  What an amazing gift!

We happily welcomed the New Year with our new little addition.
Calvin on New Year's Eve
And, Calvin got a couple of cute little cards on his first Valentine's Day!
Mommy's heartbreaker
He was a champ for his 2-month shots - he only cried a little (oh, to watch that little face crumple and dissolve into tears!), which was greatly abbreviated by my immediately nursing him afterward - I've read it reduces the pain and stress they experience, which I absolutely believe to be true.

Calvin began cooing and babbling around 2 months old; he loves hearing the range of noises he can make, and imitating what he hears (a cat's meow is currently popular).  Lately we've been watching a Baby Einstein video with him most evenings; he has been very talkative during these!  It's just fascinating to watch his eyes track movement across the screen, and how he reacts to the bright, high-contrast, colorful things he sees and playful music he hears.
Calvin @ 2 months
More recently, around 2.5 months he started laughing - sometimes just little chuckles, other times he is cracking up, which sends us into hysterics too!  

Other very recent developments include reaching for and grasping a toy (2.5 months), intentionally/ repeatedly kicking a hanging rattle toy while lying on his back (2.5 months), and earlier this week he rolled over for the first time! He was on his tummy and not happy about it, and so after about 30 seconds of deliberation and physical trial, he rolled onto his back!

Lastly, some size updates:

  • At birth: 6lbs, 15oz, 20" long, head circumference 13"
  • 5 days old: 6lbs, 5oz (5th percentile), 20" long (50th percentile), head circumference 15th percentile
  • 1 month old: 8lbs, 4 oz (5th percentile), 20.5" long (50th percentile), head circumference 15th percentile
  • 2 months old: 9lbs, 14oz (10th percentile), 22.5" long (30th percentile), head circumference 15th percentile
(Next appointment: 4 months - late March)

FYI, I highly doubt my posts from now on will be this long, but I had to do some "data dumping" to catch up to where we are now.  I tried to keep it as brief as I could.  Assuming you made it this far, thanks so much for reading!  :)

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