Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Parent's Rite of Passage? An ER visit

So... We had our first ER visit for Calvin yesterday. :-/

He's been under the weather since Sunday. I called the doctor on Monday and took him in Tuesday afternoon. Doc said it looked like bronchiolitis, to keep an eye on him and call back if it seemed to get worse. Bronchiolitis is a virus that is basically a cold, but it can be nasty in infants.

Although we tried the recommendations of baby Vicks, a humidifier and steam from a shower, his congestion just wouldn't clear up. He didn't have the best day Thursday, and then Friday morning it did seem worse. He was so stuffy, had a strong cough and his breathing was a bit labored. So I called and took him back in.

They gave him an albuterol breathing treatment, which he was not a fan of, that unfortunately didn't help much. His doctor was concerned with his oxygen level (which may not have been all that accurate, as it turns out - not easy to get a reading on tiny 3-month-old toes or fingers), so the doc sent us off to Children's Hospital ER.  I  have to admit at that moment, after she left the room, that I started to tear up, but Calvin was looking at me, and he's already paying attention to and feeding off of our expressions, so I smiled and tried to look as brave and calm as he was.
still content even when he's sick

His doc called ahead, and because of the oxygen level concern, we were taken back right away. They took his weight and temp (rectal, uh oh) and then the rest of his vitals, including his oxygen level, which came back great. They suctioned out his nose a couple of times - man, I need one of those at home - and after thorough exams by several different doctors, they all agreed it was ok for him to go home. We were sent with an at-home nebulizer treatment for him. They said he should be feeling better within a few days.
You're gonna stick that thing WHERE, exactly?

It was definitely an alarming experience, and tiring for all, but I'm so thankful to his doctor, and the hospital staff who took wonderful care of him. And I'm glad I listened to my instinct and decided to stay home from work to take care of him. It's difficult to feel so helpless when he doesn't feel well, but I feel good about the medical attention he received.
exhausted after his ordeal

And Cal was such a champ through it all - only a minor amount of fuss. For the most part, he was his normal happy self, with plenty of comforting cuddles from mama and daddy. He rolled over twice on the hospital bed like it was nothing, wow! And he frequently flashed his gorgeous smile, flirting with every woman who helped care for him - every single one a woman. ;-)
my little flirt

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