Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Many Faces of Calvin

Since Calvin was born, so many people have commented on what an expressive face he has.  I must say I definitely agree.  It's very easy to tell what kind of mood he's in with just a quick glance at his face.  

Two weekends ago, on March 2, Calvin played a little expression game with us.  He would first "pout" (different from his actual pout and the first time we'd seen it), then flash a big grin.  He did it several times in a row; we were cracking up!  He's such a smart little ham - I read that this type of behavior typically doesn't start until around 6 months!

For a while now, he's loved watching our faces, and at just 3 1/2 months (on Thursday!), he loves to treat us with all sorts of expressions of his own.  It's been so delightful and fascinating to watch him!  

So, without further ado... from saddest to happiest...

The Many Faces of Calvin

really, really not pleased

grumpy old man

world's cutest pout

Calvin is not impressed.

Say whhaaaaat?


content and curious

silly monkey

fist bump!

super happy baby!

happiest with mama  :)

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